Monday, August 15, 2011

Scenes From a Farmer's Market

So, you know you're starting to get settled into a new place when 1) you can use the kitchen without standing there scratching you head for five minutes wondering where the heck you put the [insert random item here] and 2) when you become a familiar face at the local neighborhood farmer's market.

I'm almost there on the first part - I still lose things on a regular basis (it's amazing how many places there are to hide in such a tiny space; then again, I still lose track of things in my parent's kitchen and I've been using that one for years). I have been cooking dinner almost every night, and may even have a recipe to share soon.

As for the second, while I can't be called a regular at the Hollywood Farmer's Market since yesterday was  only my first time going, I have the feeling it will become a Sunday morning ritual for me:

This being Southern California, the market is year-round. This being Southern California, the produce is also gorgeous. No need to truck in fruit and vegetables from Chile around these parts.

Heirloom tomatos. Check out the size of those beauts!

'Shrooms of all kinds.

Peaches, plums and nectarines are in season right now. Most stalls had slices of samples out, and may I just say: Oh my god! These were some of the best stone fruits I have ever tasted.

This stand, obviously, sold goat cheese. I'm sure the cheese tastes great, but OMG LOOK BABY GOAT!

If goat's not your thing, they've got bison, too (our household happens to be vegetarian, or I might have wanted to try a buffalo burger. Ya know, for research purposes.)

People strumming guitars and singing were scattered throughout the market, serenading people camped out on benches or on the grass, munching on breakfast/brunch from the many stalls selling prepared foods.

Thai food is everywhere in LA (click any picture to enlarge). Here you can get a fresh coconut to sip on, too.

Actually, liquid refreshment sounded pretty good, it was hot that morning. Luckily, Mexican food was also being sold around the market, complete with the requisite fresh fruit juices and horchata (ever had this? It's a drink made by grinding up rice with milk and cinnamon and tastes like drinking liquid rice pudding. Still can't decide if I like it or not...)

They have aebleskivers! They're little round puffy Danish pancakes made in a really cute pan, kind of like a popover. The Dutch have something similar. Takes me back to my days in Maastricht; unfortunately nobody seemed to want puffy pancakes that day...

The oysters seemed to be more popular. I'd rather have peaches, personally.

My stash. Oooooh yes!

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  1. You are so lucky to have a great market nearby! Our market is tiny and only runs into the early autumn. Still better than nothing!